by Rivers & Tides

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released July 1, 2016

Artwork by Orion the Great Hunter
Recorded and mixed by Tom Schmidbauer @ BahamaMama Studio
Mastered by Arne Ziemann @ Oakfield Mastering, Regensburg



all rights reserved


Rivers & Tides Regensburg, Germany

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Track Name: Withdrawal From Outside
there's a place
complete in silent
whenever i can't hear your voice
my heart begins to contract
i need this loud and constant noise
to save myself from drowning
and leave it all behind

meet me underwater
and everything gets fine
sink with me

there's a place
loud and crowdy
your voice just begins to drown
in theses masses
i feel lonely
feels like you’re nowhere to be found
let’s sink into the blue
and leave it all behind
Track Name: Eclipse
my head is aching on the long way home
it’s where i belong
i’ll stay on the streets
don’t care if you run over me
over and over again

i’ve been here before
and i’ll be there again
it’s always easier to look in the moon
i live in the night
trying to stay
till it’s alright

i’m sick of drowning in my self-made lies
they're what i despise
i’ll stay on the streets
don’t care if you run over me
over and over again
Track Name: Disappear
what made you feel this way
unwanted in despair
what could we do to make you stay
giving love to kill the pain

and i asked myself
have i ever really known your face
lay your hand in mine
so i can feel you

and it makes me
believe in you
i hope you are fine

i saw your face
in every crowd i chose to stay
behind this bright blue eyes
there are these demons in disguise

and over the next years
it won’t disappear
Track Name: Cold
it feels like getting lonelier everyday
despite people showing how much they care.

no word reaches your shell
complete strangers you never felt

sun shines bright but you can't feel its warmth
complete cold - fullfills this empty soul
how can you move on if everything stands still
how can your heart feel when your whole body's chilled

another day passed by but nothing ever changed
the hole you're sinking in gets bigger in every way
Track Name: Embrace Your Pain
Let you be flayed
embrace your pain
let it all just float

where did you go wrong
what has lead the way
is this just the end
did you really have to stay

killing flowers before they bloom
and your garden dies in front of you

no shelter to find
and there is
no end in sight

you're trapped in your hell
a place you deserve well

realisation can be hard
you've put yourself ahead way to far
and when you turned nothing to gain
the only way: embrace your pain
Track Name: Complete
i fell in love with your touch in the morning
your weight upon me feels so save
your constant moving
makes me forget
those haunting nights

i wonder what your day will bring
and i hope to see you again
save me, complete me
make me feel whole

i feel in love with your eyes in the night
your shimmering glow lights up the dark
and when i heard you gonna leave
the stone i call myself began to crumble