Shelved EP

by Rivers & Tides

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released February 1, 2015

Recorded at Recording Hill Studio and Bookmountain Recordings
Mixed at Bookmountain Recordings
Mastered by Bob Cooper

Cover Artwork by David Finke, Photo by Stephanie Braun at Stephanie Stonem Photography

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Rivers & Tides Regensburg, Germany


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Track Name: Aimless
woken from my dreams
broken by moonbeams
come sing with me, sing with me

least we forget
the times that never were for our best
i hope you’ll sing for me, sing myself to sleep

i wish i’d never closed my eyes
now it’s too late to realize

it never was and it will never be
i locked myself - you had the key
it never was and it will never be
i’m heading out aimlessly

through opened eyes i was blind to see
it’s all a farce and an old cliché
i think it through
what would i do
where would i be
if i had you.
Track Name: Wide Apart
catch me sleeping on the floor
all sweat out
i hear a knocking on the door
i won’t come out my room

all your words don’t mean a thing
i won’t believe in
how many times i tried
and failed again

just let me sink
doesn’t matter what you think
everywhere i turn
there’s no room for two

now you're coming way too close
i never wanted this
you’re the part of me
i always tried to dismiss

like a thief in my head
you always sneak your way in
after all those years
i wonder why you’re back again
Track Name: Shelved
let me stay here for a while
it's been a long time in denial
you try to conceive me
i'm afraid it's not easy

every question asked
is a waste of breath
i try to deceive you
that i'm fine and i need you

but that's not true
i never needed you
or anybody else
just let me be shelved

dragging me down, down to the ground
i feel a weight inside my chest
this weight inside my chest

keeping me here, left with my fears
hold me in this world
still i don't see for what it’s worth

leaving's the way out
after years there is no doubt
whenever i try to get in
i keep on falling on my chin

i'm going somewhere else
let me be shelved
Track Name: Hollowed Daughter
these moving walls
never felt save
you're buried under an uncracked shell
it never fades and it never melts
it was you against the world

no one's listening to your mourns
all your scars are left unseen
the water's whispering - calling your name
a thousand times a day.

now you're going down the abyss
never ever to return
the water's voice will lead your way
and you feel home again.
Track Name: Reflections
burning bridges since my youth
i'm afraid i burnt you with them
while i was scared of looking back
i've lost track of where i came from

all i remember, all i remember

shreds of moments with you passing by
i let them flow, i let them go
i was always scared to face the fact
but this had ended long ago

constant tries to restore your picture
where meant to fail
i keep on wondering if it was the only way
to keep me safe

i wanna remember i wanna remember

shreds of moments
passing by
i let them flow
i let them go

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