by Rivers & Tides

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this is the music we wanted to make, if you like it we are very pleased.
we're happy to have tapes of this EP released on Koepfen Rec.


released October 9, 2013

recorded at bookmountain recordings


all rights reserved



Rivers & Tides Regensburg, Germany


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Track Name: Untitled
where had i been
and what went wrong
we haven't talked for far too long
these words unsaid they
were our death
a part of me died in my chest

i thought
this was the best i ever had

there are these moments they'll never come
are not forgotten but now they're gone
we had the best days all year long
and i can't tell when things went wrong

we made mistakes
we've been just fake
you gave too much i only take
and now you see where it went
we could have had it all to the end

do you remember we're lying there
starshine over our heads so bright
the smell of grass is not gone yet
the situation felt just right
it felt just right

...and now again we're sharing bed
i can't tell if it's good or bad
i hop it won't be another scar
things are just now how they are.
Track Name: Neverlasting
would you send me out your frontdoor
if i tell you i ain't the same
is this all we ever wanted
do you even know my name
i won't say that change is evil
but in the end it makes me sad
to see how good friends fade to people
i wish i never had

letting go - was always hard
we tried our best - we fell apart
visions shared - minds the same
now in the end who's left to blame ?

where are our plans to rule the world ?
a long forgotten phrase i wish i never heard
Track Name: Everlasting
we've been coming far to close
to the edge where no one knows
where our road will lead
how long our hearts will beat

running blind alone
running wild
into the deepest state of blue
there is no time for us to lose and still we're singing our own blues
and never coming home again

did i ever tell you
how much i love this time
best friends, nice girls, cool drinks
if one goes down, we all would sink

we all would sink

did i ever tell you
how much i hate this town
closed minds, closed bars, numb faces
searching for escape from first day on
Track Name: Winter's Sun
winter's coming to an end
i'll reach out for your helping hand
to drag me out of my apathy
to clear my thoughts, they're haunting me

summer's over far too soon
but you got me and i got you

lying here
same questions cycle in my head
i didn't know
what to do with myself
giving up seemed easy
the easiest way to go

but i know

...floating on
the open see
waves crushing down on me
even if i think I'm all alone
i know

the safest harbor is at home

...i can be sure that i got you.

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